Piano Medley - Kingdom Hearts

[00:00] Dearly Beloved
[01:25] Hikari
[02:57] Organization XIII
[03:53] Roxas
[04:59] Kairi
[05:43] Waltz of the Damned
[06:50] This is Halloween
[08:11] Scherzo di Notte
[08:53] Hallow Bastion
[09:50] Rowdy Rumble
[10:21] Darkness of the Unknown
[10:58] Pirate’s Gigue
[11:25] Dance to the Death
[12:08] The 13th Dilemma
[13:14] Fragments of Sorrow
[13:52] Destati
[14:53] Guardando Nel Buio
[15:23] Hand in Hand
[16:02] Friends in my Heart
[17:05] Treasured Memories


Criterion Collection - Scanners artwork by Connor Willumsen

Criterion’s newly, restored 2K digital film transfer, supervised by director David Cronenberg, is out on Blu-ray. It’s jam backed with head exploding extras, not to mention eyeball melting exterior and interior artwork. Available HERE.

This horror/sci-fi group I’m part of was ripping on this artwork and calling it “horrible” and saying that “the original DVD cover (which was pretty boring btw) was better” and it took everything in me to not become infuriated with all of them. These illustrations are amazing.